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Annette Graue
Annette Graue
My name is Annette Graue. I have been the librarian at  Sycamore for 5 years. All three of my children attended Sycamore and I became the librarian when my youngest was in 3rd grade. I had always loved being the 'library mom" in my children's classroom and I was so excited once the librarian position became available. I really enjoy reading, hot chocolate, and jigsaw puzzles. I was a court reporter before I retired to become a mom. I absolutely love my job here at Sycamore. I love recommending books to students, purchasing a book a student has an interest in reading, and watching that face light up when a student has passed an AR test or met their reading goal. The best part of my job is seeing a student's smiling face and hearing "Hi Mrs. Graue" when walking around. Sycamore has a lot of wonderful students and families, I'm happy to be a part of this terrific school. 

Virtual Book Fair : March 1st-5th
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