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When we looked for a school for our daughter, Sycamore quickly became one of our school of choice options. There is not one day that has gone by that we regret that decision. The staff is absolutely amazing. The care that our kids get from the teachers and the open communication they have with us as parents is everything! We love the extent that the school staff has always gone to show that our kids are the priority. 

 Thank You,
- Dinorah Virgen

As a parent Sycamore has always given me the feeling of a small tight knit family.  All of the staff is very kind. helpful, and approachable. The teachers are top notch and really make the parents and students feel welcome. Everything that the staff, teachers, and PTA offer to the students make this a very well rounded school. 
-Sydney (Student):

I really like Sycamore because the teachers are nice, it is a fun place to be, and I have met some great friends. 
Best Regards,
-Deana and Sydney Valdez

Sycamore is an amazing school. I look forward to going to class every day. All my teachers have been fun and kind. Even on Zoom I have been doing well and feel part of the school community. I also love being a part of the student council!
-Maddy Triplett, 6th grade student

The people make Sycamore a special place. Dedicated community of teachers, parents and support staff make Sycamore Sparkle. In addition, the park-like setting with grassy fields and shady Sycamore trees make Sycamore magical.
-Vicki Zemer, former teacher

“One of my many memories of Sycamore is the talent show. It was fun to participate in and I still enjoy returning to the school to help out and watch the performances.”
-Sarah Graue, Age 17

My family is on school year 11 at Sycamore.  It is safe to say we absolutely love the school, teachers and families that make it such a warm and inviting place of learning.  In addition to some of the best teachers and staff I have ever worked with (we moved from a much larger school district), Sycamore has an exceptional group of moms involved in PTA. During any normal year, our PTA does an amazing job at fundraising and works hard to provide music and art lessons for all students in addition to great field trips, an amazing harvest carnival and talent show among other things.  I’m very happy with our school community and neighborhood overall and think that Sycamore is one of the best schools in Simi by far.
-PTA Mom

Sycamore Elementary has been like an extended family to us – teachers, staff, other families and the PTA – they have brought stability, comfort, and obviously, academics. I currently have 2 boys at Sycamore, and they have LOVED every teacher they’ve had. I could have not have asked for better teachers to start off their education. Without the amazing teachers in TK and Kindergarten, their academic foundation would not be nearly as strong as it is. Sycamore is so much smaller than the other elementary schools in Simi Valley, which allows people to feel closely connected and a strong sense of community. The PTA is very involved – they give the students so many additional opportunities. They are a strong addition to the school. Although it is not our home school, there is nowhere else we’d rather be.
-Kristina Fritz

We have been a part of the Sycamore family for the past 6 years. All 3 of my children currently attend this school. The staff and teachers have always shown such genuine care for all of the students.  All of the teachers are experienced and make learning fun and engaging for the students. The PTA is kind and welcoming and provides many fun family events throughout the school year like the Harvest Carnival, Bingo Night, Family Movie Nights, and the Spring Talent Show. My children have also enjoyed the after-school enrichment activities (Chess, Robotics) that have been offered. Sycamore is such a wonderful little school and we’re so happy that we chose this school all those years ago.  
-Christian Florio

My boys were fortunate to start their educational journey at Sycamore Elementary that began in Kindergarten and ended as they culminated in 6th grade. I loved the intimate size of the campus that allowed for the teachers, staff, and parents to form valuable relationships. My boys enjoyed the multitude of programs Sycamore offered from the Music Van, visual arts program, Jr. Olympics, Student Council, Stem Lab, and varied educational field trips that complimented their rigorous curriculum. We have many great memories of attending talent shows, plays, spirit days, and the all-time favorite, Halloween Carnival. I asked my boys what they liked most about Sycamore E.S. and they replied that everyone was nice; a testimony to the positive school climate.
-Shayna Kohn

Both my children have attended Sycamore (several years apart) and both of them have done very well. I personally love the small neighborhood school feeling it has, coupled with a caring staff and great PTA. The children enjoy the annual on-campus events, like the Fall Festival and Bubble Fun runs. Both my kids chose to stay to complete six grade at Sycamore and that was been a very positive experience for them both. 
- Wendy McClay-Triplett

Sycamore is the hidden gem of the neighborhood! I was a Sycamore parent for 10 years and have such fond memories.  Walking my kids to school, meeting other wonderful families, being active in the PTA and helping to organize activities that make this school so special (Harvest Carnival, Bingo Night, Jr. Olympics, Talent Show, just to name a few!). Sycamore is the place that blossoms friendships with staff, students, and families!
-Annette Graue

My daughter and son attended Sycamore Elementary School and both had a great school experience. They both benefited from great teachers, fun school-wide activities and a sense of school spirit. Sycamore Elementary is one of a handful of schools in Simi Valley that remain a true neighborhood school which gives it a sense of community. It also offers an active PTA which welcomes involvement from parents, teachers, and staff.

-Jennifer Arabian

I am currently a veterinary student at UC Davis, in the process of achieving a dream I've had since I was 4 years old. I went to Sycamore Elementary for 3rd grade, and my teacher was Mrs. Carol Lulow. I remember my time at Sycamore very fondly for many reasons; namely I always felt that there was a greater sense of community at the school, beyond just the classroom I was in. One example that comes to mind is the in-person assemblies we had with the entire school, when all the students and teachers gathered around for announcements and then we all sang the school song together (which had hand motions to go with it). I still remember it, and the last line always stuck with me. "If it is to be, it is up to me," and "My character will help define my destiny." Thinking about this now, this is a very powerful message to engrain in young kids' minds on a regular basis, even if they don't realize it right away. We also had regular smaller assemblies for students to be recognized for their hard work, with acknowledgement directly from the principal, and with parents being invited to make it even more special. Even at that young age, I felt supported by my school, and encouraged to reach my full potential. Even though I was only there for one year, I'm so grateful for that time and for the memories made that have remained with me ever since. 
Thank you again!
All the best,
Julia Cohen
UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine
DVM Candidate, Class of 2023

Sycamore has been a really good school throughout my years here. I’ve made lots of friends and have learned so much. I enjoyed taking Robotics and Chess after school. I really liked all of the assemblies, especially the Animal Assembly and the Ned Assembly. I’m also enjoying being on Student Council for my final year here.
- Dean Florio, 5th grader

We love Sycamore because the teachers and staff are amazing! During these difficult times the teachers have really gone the extra mile to make sure their students have the needed support to achieve success
-Veronica Mora